Working families would save between $A 200,000 and $A 400,000, by paying an annual levy on land value instead of taxes, during a working lifetime. OBJECTIVES: Social Justice, Land Rights for All, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development, Decentralisation, Opposition to Anti-Enterprise Taxes and Monopolies, Proportional Representation, Freedom from unfair sex and other unfair discrimination, Civil Liberties, Exclusive Land Occupation, Collection of Misappropriated "Economic Rent," Abolition of Involuntary Unemployment, Reducing Speculation.
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Build a BETTER FAIRER world ..Build a BETTER FAIRER world
Consistent with:     1. Economic Science,     2. Ethics and Morals,     3. Business Principles.
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Working families would save between $A 200,000 and $A 400,000, by paying an annual levy on land value instead of taxes, during a working lifetime. Families with more than one breadwinner living at home would save most.
1. To collect an annual service levy for public revenue based on the locational advantages of each land holding, exclusive of improvements (site revenue), PLUS Royalties from the controlled exploitation of non-renewable resources.
2. All taxes imposed on production, consumption and saving to be abolished.
3. Government to be confined to its proper function such as justice, defence, etc., etc.
Build a BETTER FAIRER world.. Build a BETTER FAIRER world
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