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OBJECTIVES:   Social Justice, Land Rights for All, Collection of Site Revenue and Resource Rentals, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development, Decentralisation, Opposition to Anti-Enterprise Taxes and Monopolies, Proportional Representation, Liberty from Unjust Sexual Discrimination, Responsible Government Expenditure, Exclusive Land Occupation, Collection of Misappropriated "Economic Rent," Natural Public Revenue, Abolition of Involuntary Unemployment, Wealth Producers to keep Full Value of their Production and Enterprise, Reducing Speculation, Freedom, Civil Liberties, Human Rights.
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Guidelines issued by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission stress that creating Websites that don't offer alternative access for disabled users may be a breach of the Equal Opportunity and Discrimination Act, according to Australian Personal Computer Magazine, January 1998, pp 13-14. The HREOC guidelines, which is quite detailed about wanting TEXT lines to explain some GRAPHICS, are at their WWW Access section. So, if you want your Webpages to be super user-friendly, try some of the links suggested here.
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