OBJECTIVES:   Social Justice, Land Rights for All, Abolition of Involuntary Unemployment, Wealth Producers to keep Full Value of their Production and Enterprise, Reducing Speculation, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development, Habitat, Ecology, Environment, Decentralisation, Opposition to Anti-Enterprise Taxes and Monopolies, Proportional Representation, Elective Ministry, Liberty from Unfair Sex and Gender Discrimination, Responsible Government Expenditure, Exclusive Land Occupation, Collection of Misappropriated "Economic Rent," Natural Public Revenue, Freedom, Civil Liberties, Human Rights, Collection of Site Revenue and Resource Rentals.
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1. The Rational Method 6. Basic Phenomena
2. Incentive Legislation 7. Scientific Government
3. Constitutional Limitations 8. Basic Justice
4. Illegal Government 9. Introduction to Scientific Government
5. Constitutional Safeguards
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10. The Laws of Economic Science 11. The Functions of Government
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12. Functions in which Governments
should not interfere
14. Population
15. Immigration
13. Money 16. Invariable Factors and Responsibility
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17. Democratic Government 20. Peaceful, Useful and Happy Co-existence
18. Private Monopolies and Privileges 21. Conclusion
19. The Sufficiency of Economic Rent
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There are very few, if any, truly democratic countries in the world. Switzerland has the nearest approach with Proportional Representation for all tiers of government and for Cabinets, but voting is under the "Party list system" in which electors vote for parties, not for individual candidates.

The buckram boys then apportion the votes to candidates they select according to the proportion of votes cast. There are three basic methods of electing politicians, etc.

Scientific Economics and the Art of Government 21 sections

(i) First-past-the-post, as in England where up to 66% of voters can be disenfranchised.

The U.K. has only had a majority government once, since the turn of the century, under Clement Attlee, which was a backlash after the second world war.

It is virtually impossible to have three major parties under the' first-past-the post voting. It takes about five times as many votes to elect a Liberal candidate as it does to elect a Labour or a Conservative member.

Winston Churchill won an election for the Asquith Liberal government on a Georgist policy, which was never implemented because of the first world war. The Liberal Party was then destroyed by the advent of the Labour Party.

(ii) Preferential voting in single member electorates.

Under this system which applies for the lower houses in Australia and elsewhere throughout the world, up to 49% of electors can be disenfranchised and only about two policies are presented to the elector. These have degenerated into either right or left-wing monopoly socialism with land monopoly taken for granted but without any reference thereto.

(iii) Proportional Representation in up to ten multi-member electorates.

Voting should be for individual candidates - not the party list system. if properly applied, less than 10% of electors can be disenfranchised and up up to ten policies can be presented, to the people.

Honest statesmen would begin to emerge under PR and democratic government would be established. The people would then be responsible for the legislation enacted, not the politicians as they are today.

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By far the most dangerous monopoly legally imposed in Australia is the 60% media monopoly. One person is permitted to own 60% of the major daily and weekly press, also television and radio stations.

We propose that this monopoly be reduced to 1% because a public monopoly would be even worse.

Because of the failure to collect economic rent for public revenue, about 10% of the people have been enabled to own 90% of the land value of Australia which returns about $54 billion of unearned income every year.

It is the big land speculators who have bought a controlling interest in the media, obviously to ensure that there is no interference with the institution of land monopoly.

Unearned funds are also used to corrupt government and endow universities, provided they teach false economics to students, and even to silence the so-called Christian churches on social justice, despite scriptural injunction to the contrary.

Scientific Economics and the Art of Government_ Scientific Economics and the Art of Government

Most private monopolies and privileges arise from taxation and other legislation, which, as we have seen, is illegal, because state governments only have the right to make laws for 'Peace, Order and Good Government.


The value of economic rent in Australia is about $60 billion per annum. Governments are currently spending about twice this amount, plus public borrowing and inflation. How then can we honestly claim that economic rent should be the main source of public revenue, supported by royalties on non-renewable resources, on renewable resources, and charges for reticulated services.

Precise calculations are not possible, but an examination of present expenditure will establish a prima facie case in support of our contention. Unwarranted and unnecessary government expenditure is summarised (as applicable to a free society) as follows :-

(i) The cost of assessing, collecting and endeavouring to prevent the evasion of more than sixty different taxes imposed is enormous.

(ii) The cost of relieving unemployment and poverty and endeavouring to control the increasing crime rate also is enormous. The basic cause is land monopoly, worsened by taxation, which would not coexist in the just and free economy we propose.

(iii) Legislation for the artificial creation of jobs, financed by taxation, borrowing and inflation is a complete waste of public funds. For every job so created, another is destroyed by taxation, moreover a useless job is mostly created and a useful job is destroyed.

(iv) We have been enacting about 48,000 new laws and regulations, in Australia every year, which is twice as high as in any other country, regardless of population.

The cost of administration, enforcement and keeping convicted offenders in prison also is enormous. The fines imposed must be offset against the legal institutions that must be maintained.

(v) The general corruption and resulting inefficiency of all tiers of government is not without its cost. Australia is generally recognised as the most over-governed country in the world.

(vi) Because natural population increase is effectively discouraged by land monopoly and taxation etc. millions of dollars are spent, each year, in establishing a migrant population and millions more in dealing with the multicultural problems so created.

(vii) There is an enormous waste of public funds, by governments in competition with competitive private enterprise in matters which are not necessary monopolies.

(viii) The cost of acquiring land for railways, highways, parks and gardens etc. would be eliminated, because when the full value of economic rent is taken for public revenue, land price would be eliminated.

(ix) A prima facie case has been established to demonstrate that the greater part of public expenditure would be unnecessary in a free economy. This is by no means exhaustive.

No reference has been made, for example, to the usurping of states' rights by the Federal government and the duplication of services this involves.

The functions of the different tiers of government should be clearly defined.

Scientific Economics and the Art of Government_Scientific Economics and the Art of Government


No person can be completely free whilst another person, anywhere in the world exists in bondage, because, with specialised effort and exchanges we are dependent, one upon another.

The pipedream of a new world order which even if it was clearly defined, could not be established under present conditions, because while all governments are in chaos they cannot be expected to send representatives to the United Nations or any other body, authorised to do what is right.

To confirm what is wrong by an international government or authority would make matters worse and prevent the possibility of reform.

The U.N. Charter on Human Rights, proves this beyond doubt. There is not even a hint that the basic human right is for all people to have equality of opportunity to apply their labour to the earth - the land of their country.

Prosperity must be established first and progressively by national governments in each country. The United Nations, if differently constituted, could assist by education on the art of government and in a peacekeeping capacity also to attend to delegated duties, such as clearing up oil spillage etc..

"In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea
With a glory in his bosom to transfigure you and me.
As He died to make men holy let us live to make men free."

In fact, we all have a duty so to do.

It is only necessary:-

(i) To provide equality of opportunity for all people to have the right to use Cod's earth, subject to each paying the site rental value, which all the people have generated by their presence and activity.

(ii) To ensure property rights in the product of each person's labour.

(iii) To confine governments to their proper functions, financed by socially generated revenue, and abolish all private monopolies.

All people will then have the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful, useful and happy coexistence.

What is proposed is the essence of simplicity and is entirely practicable.


There are some things we can never know--the origin of God, the substance of heaven (and hell) and the continual expansion of the spiritual world.

The Science of Political Economy, however has been revealed with absolute precision.

Our duty is to teach the truth, which alone can make all men free on this earth.

"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." -- John 8:32.

"The truth that I have tried to make clear will not find easy acceptance. If that could be it would have been accepted long ago; if that could be, it would never have been obscured, hot it will find friends, those who will toil for it, suffer for it, if need be, die for it; this is the power of truth." --Henry George


PROGRESS & POVERTY by Henry George
REVENUE THAT IS NOT A TAX by Clyde Cameron, A.O.
ON HUMAN RIGHTS by Winston Churchill
DRAFT POLICY FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT by The International Committee convened by G. Hart


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Scientific Economics and the Art of Government _Scientific Economics and the Art of Government

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Scientific Economics and the Art of Government_ Scientific Economics and the Art of Government

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