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The submission by the undersigned -
  1. Addresses the following deficiencies and incongruities which currently characterise public revenue raising in Australia:
  2. Reviews the rationale of public revenue raising, and highlights the contradiction evident in a society seeking solution to structural unemployment and socio-economic inequality through ever-increasing encroachment upon the finite natural environment.
  3. Argues that a gradual shift away from taxes on productive labour and capital towards charges upon the consumption of land and other finite natural resources (rather than upon the consumption of socially desirable goods and services) would mitigate the foregoing deficiencies and incongruities and establish Australian public revenue raising on an environmentally responsible base that was demonstrably transparent, simple and cost-effective, equitable, efficient and incapable of avoidance.

P. D. Day, LL.B, Dip TCP, LFRAPI
Hon. R. Else-Mitchell, LL.B, D. Litt, CMG, QC
B. Kavanagh, AVLE (Val.)
J. D. Tucker, BA, M.Pub.Ad.

(The full text of this submission is available on request. Further amplification can be found in LAND : the elusive quest for social justice. Taxation reform and a sustainable planetary environment, Day, P.D: 1995, Australian Academic Press, Brisbane, obtainable from book stores or from the author)

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