$25,000 Tax Reform Challenge -- Winners
Winners: Julie Smith, economist, Australian National University; Michael Plumb, econometrician, Nuffield College, Oxford, will share the $25,000 Tax Reform Challenge prize for the most convincing refutation of the Tax Reform proposal for Site Revenue to supersede taxes, written by academics P. D. Day, R. Else-Mitchell, B. Kavanagh, and J. D. Tucker, as the Land Values Research Group's submission to the 1996 Tax Reform Summit. Closed 31 March 1998

Winners, sharing the prize: To promote discussion of real tax reform, the Land Values Research Group offered a $25,000 prize for the most convincing refutation of its reform proposal to the 1996 Tax Summit, and entries closed 31 March 1998.   The judging panel was headed by Emeritus Professor Russell Mathews.


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For information, competition rules and copies of the 1996 resource rental submission to be refuted enquirers had to contact:
Land Values Research Group
BOX 2688X GPO, Melbourne 3001
Ph: 03 9670 2754   Fax: 03 9670 3063
Email: lydiak@earthsharing.org.au
Australia's tax system has many faults, including gross and increasing inequity and inefficiency, over-reliance on taxing the income and products of labour and capital, inordinate complexity, excessive compliance costs (particularly for small business), extreme vulnerability to avoidance and evasion, continuing erosion of the revenue base, promotion of speculative over productive activity, promotion of wasteful resource use, and environmental degradation.

Real reform would address these and other issues;
a GST does not.

An alternative -- resource rent revenues -- is designed
to address rather than add to tax problems.


A summary of the Land Values Research Group's submission, written by four academics -- P. D. Day, LL.B, Dip TCP, LFRAPI; Hon. R. Else-Mitchell, LL.B, D. Litt, CMG, QC; B. Kavanagh, AVLE (Val); and J. D. Tucker, BA, MPub. Ad --is at: http://www.multiline.com.au/~georgist/day-phil.htm

$25,000 Tax Reform Challenge..Land Values Research Group

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