It is not generally known that there is a method of raising public revenue which has a stimulating effect on production and employment.
Taxes raised on the production, exchange, investment and consumption of wealth, to the contrary, have a depressing effect on production and employment.
There are about sixty different taxes and public charges imposed on the foregoing basis in Australia, the effects of which are so inhibiting to the economy that public debt and inflation are inevitable results.
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There are two basic phenomena in the science of political economy, as it relates to the production of wealth and rendering of services:-
  1. Land, the passive factor, which is the source of all natural resources and the field of all human endeavour and ,-
  2. People, the active factor, who can only exist honestly to satisfy their needs and desires and support their dependants from the application of their labour of hand or brain, directly or indirectly to the earth, - and environment of their country.
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If deprived of access to land people can only live from charity or from crime.

There is a method of raising public revenue, which makes it unprofitable to withhold valuable land from its best use.

If public revenue is raised by a charge for the unimproved, site rental value of land, (economic rent) which arises from the presence and activity of all people in an economic community, there is an incentive to put valuable land to it best use, in order to earn the public charge.

Land Values Research Group
BOX 2688X GPO, Melbourne 3001, Australia
Ph: 03 9670 2754 Fax: 03 9670 3063

Closing 31 March 1998, submission fee $10, limit 4000 words on A4
See fuller details, including a Summary and much of the Document to be rebutted, on

or the Summary only put on the Internet by the organisers of the 1996 National Tax Reform Summit, on
or see our Website's brief Challenge document on
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Write, telephone, or e-mail to Melbourne for the conditions and documents to be posted to you.

Moreover, land holders will then pay only for the market assessed disadvantages of their holdings which will provide an incentive.

Land can only be used by employing labour, which will create an incentive, ensuring full employment opportunities at full earning capacity, when taxes which have a distinctive effect on production also are abolished.

The Georgist Policy, as stated, is consistent with the foregoing and is entirely practical

1/. The true function of government is to maintain peace and justice. This does not include interfering in national or international trade or commerce, or in the private transactions of its electors save only as these threaten peace and justice.

2/. Public revenue should be collected as follows:-

  1. The unimproved site rental value of land (economic rent) should be the main source of public revenue, supplemented by:-
  2. Competitively assessed royalties on the limited right of exploitation of nonrenewable resources (applicable mainly to mining and landfill.
  3. Competitively assessed licenses on the right of exploitation of renewable resources when necessary to ensure conservation and regeneration (applicable mainly to forestry and marine resources.)
  4. Charges for reticulated services, sufficient to prevent waste.

REFORM SUMMIT Sponsored by the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
CANBERRA 3-5th OCT 1996

By GRAHAM HART,   The Georgist Education Assn. Inc.
3/ The abolition of all taxation imposed on private enterprise in the production, exchange, investment and consumption of wealth, together with all monopolies, sinecures and special privileges.

4/ A democratic system of elections by Proportional Representation (not the Party List System) for all politicians, cabinets and local government councillors.

5/ The restriction of government to functions which are necessary monopolies, in which private enterprise cannot operate efficiently and in the national interest.

Note:- Education, banking and private health are not necessary monopolies, - moreover healthy competition is essential to ensure the best results.

In a just and free economy, with full employment opportunities and with full rewards for employment, parents could afford to sent their children to the school of their choice.

OBJECTIVES:   Social Justice, Land Rights for All, Collection of Site Revenue and Resource Rentals, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development, Decentralisation, Opposition to Anti-Enterprise Taxes and Monopolies, Proportional Representation, Freedom from unfair sex and other unfair discrimination, Civil Liberties, Human Rights, Responsible Government Expenditure, Exclusive Land Occupation, Collection of Misappropriated "Economic Rent," Natural Public Revenue, Abolition of Involuntary Unemployment, Wealth Producers to keep Full Value of their Production and Enterprise, Reducing Speculation.
Land price would disappear in a free economy. This is now used as security for bank loans and is the cause of injustices and many insolvencies.

People have the right to select the doctor and the hospital of their choice. There is no benefit in taxing them to pay such services.

6/ The Georgist proposals should be phased in over a period but results would be much faster once it is realised that there is not unearned income to be made from land monopoly and speculative investment in land.

The reason that nonrenewable resources are subject to the payment of royalties for the controlled right of exploitation are as follows:-

  1. The full rental value of deeply located resources cannot by known until there is drilling, coring and logging.
  2. Moreover, the maximum conservation of nonrenewable resources obviously is the best policy. The full charge for economic rent would force this land prematurely into use, which is undesirable.

Airlines should be privately owned and operated. They should pay the rental value of landing grounds and terminal buildings to government and no taxation.

A selection of Georgist literature is enclosed, which will supplement the submission.

Graham Hart

On behalf of
The Georgist Education Assn. Inc.
10 Broome St., S. Perth WA 6151, ph 9367 5386


  1. Economic Justice, Good Government & the Rule of Law
  2. A Draft Policy for Good Government
  3. Declaration of Human Rights

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